How will we communicate?

The majority of back and forth communication will take place via email. For each of my clients, I create a shared Google folder where all project documents will live throughout the entirety of the assignment. This alleviates any need to search through email chains and keeps everything (from contracts to revisions, etc.) in one place. If you prefer communication through Google Hangout, Zoom, etc. just say the word and we will work something out!

How long will it take?

I typically encourage clients to expect 4-6 weeks working together on a logo design project. This, of course, will differ based on a number of circumstances (i.e. response time, revisions, communication, etc.)

What can I expect out of revisions?

Each round of concepts will be placed in a hi-resolution pdf for you to view and include the following: logo concept/s, accompanying brand mark/s, color palette/s, mockup/s, and font combination/s.

Step 1 Designer will present 3 initial concepts to Client. 

Step 2 Client chooses one concept and provides detailed feedback to Designer.

Step 3 Designer reviews feedback and delivers revised concept to Client.

Step 4 Client provides final feedback to Designer on revised concept.

Step 5 Designer delivers final brand concept to Client.

*An additional fee will be charged for revisions made after the agreed upon at my hourly rate.

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo design projects are typically broken into 3 separate payments: 25%, 25% and 50% of the project total. An initial deposit of $450 is required to to reserve your start date, another payment of $450 is required to begin the project and the final payment of $900 is required to receive your final files, designed custom for your brand! This equals a total of $1,800.

What if I want additional items added?

Typically, if you are investing in a custom logo for your business, you’re ready to go pro(fessional) all the way! This means extending your brand across your various platforms and creating a recognizable and cohesive aesthetic. Oftentimes, my brand clients will opt for something additional like branded IG templates, business card design, email/blog/web graphics, even banners or merchandise. The design of any additional item/s will be billed hourly, invoiced monthly.

How do I know if I’m making the “right” decision hiring you?

Just like most “big” decisions in life, you will never know for sure. My biggest word of advice your instinct. If you have any reservations about making the investment or working with me, trust that. I want you to feel just as enthused about this project as I do. If that enthusiasm is there from the start, we will both be happier from start to finish. If not, then respect your instinct and we will both move our separate directions, high-fiving each other through the interwebs!

How do you accept payment?

Formal invoices will be sent via Freshbooks with the date the payment is due, the project description/details, and the total amount due. Payments can be made to my venmo account, via the CASH app or by check (mailing address is provided on invoice). If the only form of payment you are able to make is via credit card, please notify me so that I can activate that option on your invoice.

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